Nuts in May

There’s an old song about gathering nuts in May. But it’s not actually about nuts but knots – posies of mayflowers – gathered and given to your sweetheart. This used to be called “a-maying” and when it got out of hand, couples tended to go off into the woods with their mayflowers and not return until the next day.

Greenwood marriages were often the result. Weddings hastily prepared as they had already been consummated in the springtime green of the woods. Nice!

Another famous Nuts in May is the film starring Keith and Candice Marie. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go camping in the south west of England, watch it!

If you fancy trying some German Nussecken – nut corners – then come to the Genussecke in Nussdorf on May 23, where Behning & Fyson are playing in the cafe.


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