The Regent Dance Hall, Brighton

I didn’t write a single blog article in 2020. And my New Year’s Resolution….

Instead of meeting up with friends and family on New Year’s Eve – for obvious reasons – Alex and I spent the evening writing a song togther. Our first co-written song!

The lyrics come from this feeling of simply wanting be with your loved ones. And the song is set in Brighton. The Regent Dance Hall opened in December 1923 on the roof of the Regent Cinema. It was the place to go dancing in Brighton, particlarly from 1920 through to the 70s when Brighton Dancing was such a popular form of entertainment. Friends would meet at the Clock Tower and then go to the Regent. The Syd Dean Orchestra was one of the bands providing live music and the Marie De Vere Dancers wonderful choreographies to inspire the guests.

In our song a couple are walking through the Laines in Brighton, it’s New Year’s Eve and they’re drawn into the Regent by the sound of the band. They have a few drinks and sit at the table, a little too shy to dance. Time flies and at the end of the evening people start leaving to go and sing Auld Lang Syne in the streets. Our couple are still inside. And that’s when they start to dance.


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