From the corner of the Backstage Area I’m right in the middle of organizing a few gigs!


I get to support Alex Behning & Band in February up North! So on Schmutziger Dunschtig, we will be leaving the Narren in Konstanz to drive up to Hamburg in our Hippymobile.

I’m also very lucky to say that Sven Punkt is going to play piano on a couple of songs! I’m looking forward to that.

First stop in Hamburg is the Villa im Park – it used to be our local when we still lived in Hamburg. A converted toilet. Yes. What used to be a public loo is now a villa!! The Hamburgers are creative folk. So if you feel like dropping in – then do!

  • February 9. 8 PM. Villa im Park. Elsa-Rauchplatz 1.
    Alex Behning & Band. Support: me with 100% Folk!

Second stop. Bönningstedt. We’re playing at Defmusic – a music school, run by Detlev “Def” Martens and his wife Steffi. Check out the music school here!

  • February 10. 8 PM Defmusic. Bönningsted
    Alex Behning & Band. Support: me with 100% Folk!

Third stop. Steinberghaff! I love the name. And we’re playing here in the Strandhotel. Have a look!

  • February 16. 8 PM. Strandhotel-Steinberghaff.
    Alex Behning & Band. Support: me with 100% Folk!

Fourth and final stop is Wilster. Yes. Birth-town of the Blues & Folk Poet, Alex Behning! This will be a great gig!!!


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