CD Release Party – 100% Folk!

Photo by Marcus Helmeth

6th January 2018 was a nerve-racking date for me! The album release party in the Seekuh in Konstanz.

The day started with a final run-through of a couple of songs, Tara and Dylan adding last touches to the bunting and decorations for the stage and then meditative spag bol cooking to soothe nerves!

At 2 PM we started setting everything up in the Seekuh. Things got a little chaotic with 11 mad musicians doing their soundcheck between 3 and 5 PM, but it was great fun.

I was very nervous singing the first song – Songlines –  when the gig began at 8 PM, but with each song, I relaxed more and then actually ENJOYED THE EVENING! I hope you all did too.

Thanks again to all the musicians who played on the night! Thanks to Clemenz Pfund and Volker Widmann for videoing and recording the music, Markus Helmeth for doing a brilliant job with the sound, to Tara and Dylan for setting the scene on stage with bunting and decorations and to Marc Halla and his great team at the Seekuh for having us!

Thank you to ufer records for producing and publishing Shift in Time and hosting the evening.

Fancy purchasing a copy?

It’s available online through:

And physically available at these shops in Konstanz:


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