Walk the Road

Black Forest

Walk the road, by hollow and hill

Say goodbye to the folk in the town

And your love as she sighs, her cool breath silent

To the hollow and the hill


A maze of tangled thought is shifting shape now

Take a thread and pull it out

Form a line to follow down down down

Your desire path now

On the road let it take you….by the hollow & the hill


In the hooded red of dawn-light now

Shrug off the doubt that holds you down

And put your boots on

Let the impulse work its will and clear

Your road let it take you down…by the hollow & the hill


Set your cap, look back just one last time now

Let the road ring to the sound

Of the morning as you head out for uncommon ground now

On the road let it take you down


Feel the quiet

In a ripple down to dream

The cool blowing wind

Thoughts fly


Walk the road….



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